More Classes!

Yesterday I posted about the first few classes on my calendar, today I’ll continue that.

In July I’ll be teaching for the Needle Arts Mystery Retreat, July 19-22 in Warrensville, a suburb of Chicago. I can’t show a picture, because the project is a mystery! But we always have a great time. This is our 12th year, and we’d love for all of you to join us. We do allow ghosts, so check it out.

In August I’m back at American Needlepoint Guild National Seminar, Aug. 25-Sep. 1, in Anaheim, CA. I’m scheduled to teach a 4 day class, Divisions, and a 2 day class, Ablaze.


Divisions is available in 2 color ways, and features a lot of different stitching areas with several different textures.


Ablaze is a little twist on a band sampler, with a corner motif featuring a herringbone square and a maltese interlace. Lots of fun and bright colors, perfect for Anaheim!

I’ll be in Detroit in September, teaching Sonata for the Monguagan EGA chapter September 15-16. 


I’ll finish 2017 teaching assignments in October for Stitch N Play at Mandalay, CA, Oct. 19-22. I’ll be teaching Explorations as a 4 day class, always lots of fun!


Tomorrow I’ll list what I have on the calendar for 2018. Let me know if you need the contact info for any of the class coordinators, and I’ll get you in touch.



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Classes, classes and more classes!

I’ve been thinking about adding a calendar to the web page but so far haven’t managed to get that far. I think it would be a good addition, and my calendar is beginning to look pretty busy. And, I get asked frequently “when are you teaching this project”, “where are you teaching this project” and so on.

So I decided in lieu of getting a calendar page I’d aggregate all of the teaching dates currently on the calendar. This may take awhile and I’ll probably break it up into a couple of posts just to keep it from being too lengthy.

If you want information about any of the teaching events, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the class/event organizers. Some of them will allow ghosts, some don’t, but I’ll try to get you together with the coordinators so you can make your plans.

First up – Shining Needle Society classes! We are currently registering for an encore of Explorations, and a new class, Double Crossed. Registration continues through March 15, so get your registration in now! Classes will begin May 1. You can register for one or both!


This will be the third time we’ve offered Explorations through Shining Needle Society! It’s available in the three color ways shown, or as a chart only so you can develop your own color way. Something I do with my Shining Needle Society classes is video stitch demonstrations – as a student you’ll have access to these videos so you can see how a crescent, walneto, jessicas, etc., are developed, not just line diagrams.

Double Crossed

Double Crossed is a new offering with Shining Needle Society. It was on the schedule for ANG National Seminar 2016, but was canceled. This is a smallish project, and features double fan doubleds, Chilly Hollow stitch, layered crescents, and several background areas. I selected a ecru/pink color scheme for the model, but it’s also available in an ecru/green or ecru/blue palette. And, you can select chart only to create your own color way.

Double Crossed Blue Color WayDouble Crossed Green Color Way

Next up are some of face to face classes.

I’ll be teaching Angles as a 3 day class in two venues. March 13-15 I’ll be teaching in Tucson, and March 31 – April 2 I’ll be teaching at Kelsey’s in Placerville, CA. I think that there are still some openings for both venues, but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the event organizers. And, I think ghosts are allowed for both classes.


One more for this rather lengthy post, Sonata. This is a brand new project, and I’ll be teaching in Phoenix March 17-18, and June 16-17 in the Los Angeles area.


Sonata is available in a warm (red/orange/yellow) or neutral (ecru/olive) color way, in addition to the cool (blue/lavender/green) color way shown.

That’s enough for today – tomorrow I’ll let you know about other classes coming up.

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A new venture and shameless self promotion

Several months ago I was contacted to be on a new podcast, Fiber Talk. I said yes, of course! It took a little time to get things together for this new podcast, but we got together last Saturday and recorded the first one.

I was completely flabbergasted that I was the FIRST guest on the podcast! And I have to admit, more than a little flattered!

Gary Parr and Christine Williams are the hosts of the podcast, and have plans to discuss needlework, knitting and quilting on their new venture. We had a great time recording the podcast, and I can’t wait to hear the next one. They plan to have lots of industry guests on the podcast, so it will be different every time. I know a lot of people who do needlework also do other things – knit, crochet, quilt, cross stitch and so on. Does that mean we have brief attention spans? Or that we’re clever, creative people who need lots of outlets for our expression? I’ll go with the latter!

Anyway, check out Fiber Talk. You can subscribe so you’ll be aware when new episodes are available. Perfect for stitching since you just listen and don’t have to watch anything! And may I say I was extremely grateful it’s not a video podcast? You don’t even want to see what I looked like last Saturday!

Check it out! And subscribe – I have!

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A great resource

Several months ago I bought a book to add to my library, but (said sheepishly) never opened it until today. Wow! What a great resource! I have now resolved to read every page because it’s a gold mine of information, especially for someone like me with no formal training.

Color for Embroidery by Mary D. Shipp

This is a completely awesome book, published in 1997, but the theories never go out of date. If you can get your hands on a copy, do it! I can tell just from the little browsing I’ve done this morning that it will be a tremendous benefit.

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another great tool

edge binder

You may be looking at this and thinking what the heck? This is an edge binder. The needlepoint industry has borrowed this from the blueprint industry, to apply artist’s tape to the edges of canvas. This is not something everyone should have in their home, but for me, it’s nicer to be able to tape the edges of the canvas for my class kits.

You may have seen these at your needlepoint store. A lot of needlepoint stores have tapes specially printed with the name of the shop. I’m not quite there yet! The lowest ordering point for printed tapes is 24, and I don’t think I need that many!

You can tape your own edges with artist’s tape without an edge binder. I’ve done it for single canvases before I got the edge binder. Artist’s tape is a low tack tape, available in a variety of colors and a couple of widths, from art supply stores, hobby stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby), and Amazon. I order from Amazon because it’s easier.

I recommend covering the edge of the canvas in some manner before mounting to stretcher bars and stitching. The tape provides a sturdier edge for mounting, and prevents threads catching on the edges of the canvas. There are a number of solutions – sewing bias tape edging to the canvas, using a cover that covers the edges of the canvas and the tacks, folding the edge under before tacking. Find one that works for you! And if you take a class from me, either face to face where I’ve supplied the materials or a cyber class, your edges will be taped for you!

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