We’re trying several new things this year, and I’ll post about all of them one at a time. Today let’s focus on the subscription plan for the Kit of the Month 2022.

We developed this plan in response to several who asked for it, and we thought it might be worthwhile giving it a shot.

The first thing to know is – you DO NOT have to enroll in the subscription plan for our Kits of the Month. You can continue to place your orders for the ones you want, even if you want all 12.

The second thing to know is – the subscription plan is absolutely free. There’s no enrollment fee.

And the third thing to know is how it works. Send us an email saying you want to enroll in the subscription plan. Include your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. We also need to know which elements of the Kit of the Month you want to receive, and how you want to pay for them (PayPal or credit card).

Each month, on about the 25th of the month, we’ll send you an invoice for the next month’s kit. When you pay the invoice, your kit will be sent out with the first batch when the kit is released. We’re trying to work far enough ahead that we can send out on the 1st of every month, but sometimes the thread doesn’t get here in time.

If you choose not to pay the invoice, we won’t send the kit and will remove you from the subscription plan. You can still buy any kits you want, when you like, by going through the website as usual. And, you can cancel at any time, just let us know.

You can include in your subscription the kit, the finishing kit and/or the display stand. Just one part, two parts or all three – the plan is driven by what you want. If you subscribe for just the kit, then decide you want to add to it later, we’ll do that. Or, if you want to buy the finishing kit and/or display stand separately, you can still do that as well.

This plan is strictly a convenience for you, because you’ve asked for it. You will be the driver, and we’ll implement whatever you like.

Just so you know, the monthly complete kits will be $35 and include all threads, canvas, instructions and a needle. The finishing kits will be $5, and include 2 pieces of mat board and fabric for covering the back. The display stand will be $12.50, and the colors and decorations will change every month customized to the stitched design. We can ship all of it together in the same Priority Mail envelope for $8.75.

So I hope this has answered your questions about our subscription plan, but if I missed something shoot me an email and I’ll get right into it.

To enroll, or to ask additional questions, email me: debbie@debbeesdesigns.com. And thanks so much for spurring us to do new things!

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