We’re still taking registration for Angles! We expect the last of the kit materials to arrive today or tomorrow, and will begin finalizing the kits for mailing.

We have kits available still, or you can take the chart only or chart with canvas option. Class is due to begin March 8, and we are on track to keep that date.

Full details are on the product page, under Video Classes.

We’d love to have you join us for this class! If you’re hesitating, this is probably the last chance to take Angles as a class, so don’t delay too long.

1 thought on “It’s not too late for the Angles class!”

  1. Although I still need to finish this piece, I know I will be able to pick it up at any time and know exactly what to do. The directions alone are more than worth the price of the class, and Debbie was excellent at teaching and demonstrating classes on Zoom. In addition, her very nice personality just came right through on the computer. Also, if the class times were not convenient or you just wanted to hear something again, the class sessions are all available to replay.
    If there is a down side to taking a Debbie Rowley class, it is that you will forever be spoiled by such thorough directions.

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