Reversing the Triangle Amadeus

In the last post I mentioned that the triangle Amadeus with a vertical and horizontal side, and one diagonal side, was open in the middle. I decided to try to work it out so that a right angle triangle would be closed in the center, and the reverse triangle Amadeus is the result. I’ve not

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More triangles, this time a triangle Amadeus

A triangle Amadeus is an interesting stitch, developed by Jean Hilton. When the triangle is stitched with 2 diagonal and 1 horizontal or vertical side, the center of the triangle is closed. When it is stitched with a horizontal and vertical side, and a diagonal side, the center is open. To fit our project, the

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Reverse sprat’s heads!

Since this is a project of stitches with their reverses, I had to work out the reverse of some stitches on my own – I’ve not seen them in stitch reference books. The reverse sprat’s head is one of those. For the reverse I used Rainbow Gallery Entice E280 Sandstorm. The original color way uses

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Sprat’s heads

A sprat’s head is an interesting stitch that looks woven in the center. The stitches lay on top of previous stitches but it is not woven, so relatively easy to stitch. I’ve heard two different things for this stitch. One is that it is named for the fin of a sprat, a small fish with

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Now reverse the waffle stitch!

I think reverse waffle stitches were one of the first stitches I saw reversed. I love the difference between the waffles and reverse waffles. The waffle stitch has a lower center, and the reverse waffle has a raised center. It’s a nice contrast to a project! For this stitch I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays

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My favorite stitch – waffle stitches!

Now let’s add some stitches to start expanding the design. Around the center we have waffles and reverse waffles, starting with waffles. I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays N98 Lite Lavender. The original color way used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays N64 Aqua. It will take about 28″ to stitch two. I find it helps to

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