Now reverse the waffle stitch!

I think reverse waffle stitches were one of the first stitches I saw reversed. I love the difference between the waffles and reverse waffles. The waffle stitch has a lower center, and the reverse waffle has a raised center. It’s a nice contrast to a project! For this stitch I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays

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My favorite stitch – waffle stitches!

Now let’s add some stitches to start expanding the design. Around the center we have waffles and reverse waffles, starting with waffles. I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays N98 Lite Lavender. The original color way used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays N64 Aqua. It will take about 28″ to stitch two. I find it helps to

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An unreversed stitch this time!

This time we have a simple satin stitch pattern, a brick stitch. Brick stitch is one of those versatile stitches you’ll use over and over, for small areas as here, or larger areas or background stitches. I used 4 strands of floss, DMC 964 Light Seagreen (this is an update, I thought it was 959

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Teardrop crescents

With the reverse teardrop crescents in place, we can stitch the teardrop crescents around the filling stitches. I’m using one strand of Caron Collection Watercolours 007 Pistachio Nut for my overdyed. I’ve used this color before, and it’s one of my favorites with the shades of purple, teal and beige. I worked with about 34″

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First stitches!

I’m one of those weird stitchers who can only work on one thing at a time. I know, kind of a unicorn in the stitching world! Anyway, I had to finish one project before I could start this one. The project I was working on is now completed, so I’m free to put my mind

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Revelry Reflections – mounting the canvas

One more step and we’re ready to stitch! A well-mounted canvas makes the difference – it’s easier to stitch, and easier to finish, if the canvas is stitched as tightly as you can make it. Begin by assembling the stretcher bars into a square. You can see that mine are well-used! I stitch on Evertites,

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