Three Day


Indie Pop allows each stitcher to create a unique project by selecting the motifs, colors and stitches to suit their personality. Teaching objectives: Examine the structure of complex stitches so stitches can execute them with ease and confidence Explore several complex and layered stitches with a variety of textures Promote confidence in selecting stitches, motifs […]

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  AVAILABLE AFTER SEPTEMBER 2023 The infinite variety of falling leaves is captured in this mixed media project. A New Leaf employs canvas, stitchable cork, copper mesh and Ultrasuede in the design. Teaching Objectives: Express creativity with stitches and placement Work with various thread textures Develop an ease in stitching that emphasizes the rhythm of

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The ceiling at Union Station in Chicago inspired this design. Areas recede or progress based on texture in a monochromatic color palette. Teaching objectives: Explore different techniques for padding areas Use of texture in a monochromatic design Examine the structure of stitches to promote an ease and confidence with stitches that diminishes reliance on stitch



Explorations analyzes several kinds of stitches—large motifs such as walnetos, jessicas and crescents, background patterns and smaller spot motifs such as celestial star eyelets. I will emphasize the mechanics of each stitch, instructing in how the stitches are formed on the front and back of the canvas, so that stitchers can learn to stitch with



This “wow!” design impresses both those who stitch it, and those who see the finished project! Teaching objectives: Explore different textures of cotton, metallic, and rayon threads Learn a plethora of counted canvas stitches Examine the structure of stitches, so stitchers can work with confidence and ease, without constant reliance on the stitch diagrams Execute

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Allegro is a musical term for a brisk, lively tempo, and this project keeps the eye moving to see all the details. Teaching objectives: Explore several complex and layered stitches with a variety of textures Discover the structure of complex stitches, to allow ease and confidence when stitching and less reliance on stitch diagrams Allegro

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