Allegro is a musical term for a brisk, lively tempo, and this project keeps the eye moving to see all the details.

Teaching objectives:

  • Explore several complex and layered stitches with a variety of textures
  • Discover the structure of complex stitches, to allow ease and confidence when stitching and less reliance on stitch diagrams

Allegro provides a lot of complexity and detail in a small area. A Kitty’s double fan doubled (a double fan doubled surrounded by a double fan doubled) forms the center, an intricate knotted appearance that is less difficult than it appears. Sprat’s heads and tear drop crescents surround the center, with triangle Amadeus stitches, and a stitch filling the centers of the tear drop crescents. Star shaped Jessicas radiate to the corners, with round Jessicas in the centers. Back to back parallelogram Jessicas, large waffle stitches, Rhodes stitches and web stitches fill the remaining areas, with Milanese stitches to finish out the design.

Stitches used include Kitty’s double fan doubled, double cross, sprat’s heads, tear drop crescents, Rhodes, round Jessicas, star Jessicas, parallelogram Jessicas, waffle, web, Milanese, irregular eyelets and brick stitch.

Duration3 day class, for advanced stitchers
Kit Materials18 ct. mono deluxe Sandstone canvas, DMC cotton floss, satin floss, and #8 pearl cottons, Caron Collection Watercolours, Kreinik #8 braids, Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braids and Neon Rays, size 22 tapestry needles
Size8″ x 8″ on 18 ct. canvas, 144 x 144 stitches
Student supplies2 pairs 14″ stretcher bars with tacks or staples; laying tool, scissors, magnification and lighting if needed
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