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An art print, divided into blocks and each block developing a different texture, served as the inspiration for Rhapsody.

Teaching objectives:

  • Express creativity with stitches and placement
  • Experience various stitches and thread textures
  • Develop an ease in stitching that emphasizes the structure of the stitch
  • Learn techniques for starting and stopping threads
  • Create a project within specified parameters that allows personal expression

Color and texture define each stitching area in this captivating project. Scroll work decorates the blocks, and students will be able to interpret the scrollwork as they please. 

Stitches used include herringbone squares in several sizes, Indian stripe, Rhodes, Amadeus, Jessicas, walnetos, waffle, battlement couching, pavilion diamonds, couching, rice, teardrop crescents, reverse teardrop crescents, criss cross Hungarian, Smyrnas, Milanese, Hungarian ground, fly stitch, and ray stitch.

Duration 2 day class for intermediate to advanced stitchers
Kit Materials 18 ct. mono deluxe Sandstone canvas; Presencia #8 pearl cottons and cotton flosses; Kreinik #8, #12 and wired braids; Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays, Panache,
Silk Lame' Braid, Petite Silk Lame' Braid, size 22 tapestry needles
Size 8" x 6" on 18 ct. canvas; 144 x 108 stitches
Student Supplies 1 pair 14" and 1 pair 12" stretcher bars with tacks or staples; scissors, including scissors for metallics; laying tool, magnification and lighting if needed

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    1. Carol, I can’t provide this outside of a class situation. I will be teaching Rhapsody at the ANG National Seminar in Atlanta, then at least one other place later in the year, then eventually on-line. Thanks for your interest! Debbie

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