Finishing the corners with diagonal gobelin stitches

To finish out the corners, surround the herringbone squares with slanted gobelin stitches. Gobelin is a catch-all term for straight stitches. They can be any length, straight, horizontal, diagonal or oblique, and are a useful stitch for creating a border, surrounding another stitch or motif, or just to add color and interest to a project.

I used 3 strands of DMC 959 Medium Seagreen; for the original color way I used Rainbow Gallery Splendor S930 Lite Pearl Gray, but only 2 strands. You can use as many or as few strands as you like, if you’re using a stranded thread, or something wider like Neon Rays, Neon Rays+, FyreWerks, a metallic ribbon, or even silk ribbon, whatever fits your color palette or suits your fancy.

You may stitch these in any order or direction that makes sense to you; the diagram shows one way. I thought it easiest to connect the ends of the herringbone square first then work to the corners, but you may find a different path that works for you.

Remember that these are satin stitches, so whichever direction you choose make sure all the stitches come from the same direction, wrapping the thread around the canvas.

The inside corners of each area are broken by the waffle stitches.

If you want a smaller project, you can stop here – the project will be just shy of 4″ square, about 3 3/4″. If you have the perfect place for it this size you can call it a day. I’m liking how the project is coming together!

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