Mostly Herringbone

Discover the beauty of herringbone stitches!

Whether you're a beginner looking to explore the world of needlepoint or an experienced stitcher seeking new challenges, this counted canvas work class is tailor-made for you.

Class Details:

  • Enrollment: Oct 15 – Nov 13 2023
  • Classes: Jan 02 – Feb 06 2024
  • Time:  Zoom session Tuesdays 10am CST

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Mostly Herringbone joins 5 other Mostly projects!

In this course you will learn:

More than 20 different stitches

Starting and Stopping techniques for

     herringbone and other stitches

Work with various threads

Using a laying tool

You will receive:

82 page Instruction book

Access to Video Stitch Demonstrations

Weekly Zoom sessions

Dedicated online classroom

Opportunity to ask questions

       and interact with other class members

Mostly Herringbone

Explore the intricacies of the herringbone stitch, an ancient stitch with modern interpretations!

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How will the catch up classes work?

You will receive the full instruction book for every project ordered

Links to the video stitch demonstrations will be provided for each project ordered

You may email Debbie or post questions in the classrooms for each class, or ask questions about the other projects at the end of the Mostly Herringbone Zoom sessions

An intro Zoom session will be offered for all of the classes, to demonstrate accessing the various features of the classrooms. You may also join the Mostly Herringbone Zoom sessions, to ask questions about the other projects at the end of the weekly sessions.

Meet your Instructor

Debbie Rowley

A designer/teacher of counted canvas needlework since 2003, Debbie Rowley focuses on writing clear, concise instructions for her designs to make them easy to stitch. A background in writing and journalism comes in handy!

Debbie specializes in counted canvas needlepoint, and teaches in several venues every year. Her design style features geometric shapes and patterns, reflecting her early love of abstract and modern art. She encourages stitchers to change colors in her designs to their favorites – it’s hard to stitch with a color you don’t love! Threads and stitches introduce elements of texture to a traditionally two dimensional medium. 

Debbie is a member of several American Needlepoint Guild chapters and Embroiderer’s Guild of America chapters, and has taught for many shops, ANG and EGA chapters, other retreats and online cyber classes. She has published designs for Needlepointers (ANG) and Needlepoint Now, as well as other publications.

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