Moving to the outside edges with reverse herringbone squares

A long time ago, I mistakenly believed I had “invented” this stitch. Now I know it’s a reverse herringbone square, but I loved it then and love it now! This stitch actually does make a square, so if you like the look and need a square shape, try a reverse herringbone square – it’s quite adaptable to smaller or larger, and can be solidly stitched or left open in the center if you prefer.

For this color way I used Rainbow Gallery Entice E230 Almost Aqua. The original color way used Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braid SL170 Blue Fog.

Begin with a square. The last stitch slides under the first stitch before ending, so that there’s a stitch on top of every stitch all the way around.

I anchored with a T stitch placed where it would be covered by the stitch. One side shares holes with the Open Triangle Amadeus.

Continue stitching around. I’m showing each round in a different color, just to make it a little easier to see, but stitch the whole reverse herringbone square with a single color.

The last stitch of each round slides under the first stitch of each round before ending.

The last two stitches (shown here in white) just lay on top of the reverse herringbone square without going under anything.

Stitch a reverse herringbone square in the center of each side. Because this is a symmetrical stitch, you can start all of them with the side that shares holes with the Open Triangle Amadeus, or rotate the canvas as you stitch so you are always stitching the same direction.

We just have a little bit to go before this project is finished!

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