Now reverse the waffle stitch!

I think reverse waffle stitches were one of the first stitches I saw reversed. I love the difference between the waffles and reverse waffles. The waffle stitch has a lower center, and the reverse waffle has a raised center. It’s a nice contrast to a project!

For this stitch I used Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays Plus NP07 Lavender. The original color way used Rainbow Gallery FyreWerks FT63 Vintage Silver. I use a mini-flat iron to iron the Neon Rays Plus; it won’t melt, and it straightens it to make it easier for stitching. Use a laying tool to keep the ribbon very flat. The good news is there’s no weaving under previous stitches – everything just lays on top of the other stitches.

This is the diagram for the reverse waffle stitch. The last stitches of a regular waffle become the first stitches here.

These are the first stitches. You can see my pin stitches for the waffle stitches and for the reverse waffle; they’ll be completely covered by the stitches when finished.

Continue on with the rest of the stitches, shown in the diagram above. The last stitches are the large cross stitch, that would have been the first stitches for the regular waffle stitch.

The reverse waffles complete the square with the waffles.

The reverse waffles fit in with the waffles as shown. It should be easy to count since they share holes with the waffles and the other stitches.

When stitching a symmetrical design with stitches like waffles and reverse waffles, you can turn the canvas to stitch always in the same orientation. The waffles and reverse waffles don’t have a direction to them, and when stitches you can’t tell where you started and stopped, so it’s ok to turn the canvas if that’s easier for you.

If you want to end your project at this point, you may. It will be about 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, small but fine for an ornament or small box top. Of course, you can also continue!

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