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Angles Self Paced Class

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Angles is a striking project with enduring interest and popularity, and we’re pleased to offer it now as a self-paced class!  The design size is 10” x 10” square on 18 ct. pewter mono canvas, 180 x 180 stitches.  Recommended for intermediate and advanced stitchers – you need to be comfortable reading charts! But, the instructions are written to a beginner level – you can do it!

We emphasize developing a natural stitching rhythm while you learn to execute complex stitches without constantly referring to the stitch diagrams. This project employs several different textures of cotton and metallic threads, and we show you how to use them.

Angles was designed in a grayscale color way with red as the accent color, although you may change the accent color if you want (red threads come with the kit, with no substitutions, but there aren’t many threads to change if you choose).

Class benefits:

  • The instruction book is 145 pages, with additional large tabloid charts
  • Eight lessons guide you through the project, with diagrams and video stitch demonstrations in each lesson
  • Questions can be sent via email at any time
  • Angles is only offered in a class settings

Kit includes:

  • 16″ x 16″ pewter 18 ct. mono deluxe canvas with taped edges
  • DMC pearl cottons, cotton flosses and rayon flosses
  • Caron Collection Watercolours
  • Kreinik #4, #8 and #12 metallic braids
  • Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braids and Neon Rays
  • Instruction book
  • Size 22 and 18 tapestry needles

You will need to supply 2 pairs of 16″ stretcher bars with tacks or staples, laying tool, scissors and other usual stitching supplies.

There are several options for participating in this Angles self paced class:

  • Full kit – includes canvas, all threads, needles and instruction book, access to videos, and postage – $225.00
  • Chart with canvas – includes canvas, instruction book, access to videos, and postage – $115 (will ship immediately)
  • Chart only – includes instruction book, access to videos, and postage, $100 (will ship immediately)
  • International shipping will be added at check out

There are no scheduled class beginning or ending dates – work at your own pace, start when you like, finish when you like!

If you order a kit and we are out of stock, we will send you the kit as soon as we get supplies in, usually 3-4 weeks.

19 reviews for Angles

  1. Kathie Renard

    This is a great way to learn lots of “scary looking” stitches. They’re easy with Debbie’s charts, instructions & videos. I took this class last year & loved it! I learned so much. It also gives you the opportunity/experience in using many different fibers. Debbie offers tips on the best way to handle some of the fibers also.

  2. Wendy

    Fantastic way to learn.

  3. Vickie

    I hope to find time to start this soon.

  4. Mary Ettari

    I took this online class with Debbie a year ago. While intimidating for a stitcher who has done mostly basketweave, it was a great re-introduction to counted canvass. I learned a great deal of new stitches and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The videos ar an awesome way to review.

  5. Heather Luce

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Debbie has spoiled me with her awesome diagrams, method of where to start and she walks you through everything, as well as awesome videos. The supplies are generous. I recommend any of her courses as I have taken several and have never been disappointed.

  6. Karen Bauer

    I took Debbie’s Angles class at a seminar in Syracuse, NY a few years ago. It was the class of Debbie’s that I had taken. I would not hesitate to take another class from her. Her instructions are so detailed, with pictures that help explain the different stitches perfectly. I would highly recommend taking one of Debbie’s classes.

  7. Christine Forber

    Debbie’s instructions are second to none. Her stitch diagrams are large, clear, detailed, and extremely easy to follow. You almost don’t need the extra hand-holding that classes provide, but do the class anyway as you will learn lots of tips. She is also great at answering questions. I highly recommend any of her classes.

  8. Jane Tanner

    One of my favorite pieces of all time. Of course I was a rebel and replaced the red with blue. Her instructions are fantastic and you get a feeling of accomplishment as each area is completed.

  9. Regina Giles (verified owner)

    I’m just finishing up this on-line class with Debbie. It’s a complex design but she makes it very doable. Her instructions are great
    – lots of detail on both the stitch and the placement. In addition she has videos posted online on the more complex stitches. Her classes are well organized, on Zoom and recorded so the are available to those who couldn’t participate live. The best online classes I’ve had!

  10. Sharon DeVault

    I love the stitches in this design, and the great selection of threads!

  11. Jean

    Debbie’s unique design as well as her written and video instructions made this the best class I have taken in my 30 years of EGA seminars.

  12. Cindy Baldwin

    Great class. Instructions are wonderful and the videos are very helpful

  13. Patti Moore

    Following is an excerpt from an email I sent to Debbie when I was working on this project: Good morning Debbie,
    The Good Book tells us that “pride goeth before a fall.” I am testament to that this morning… I call myself an experienced stitcher, and yet last night as I struggled repeatedly with the double fans, I kept shaking my head wondering what I was doing wrong. I had worked several throughout the pattern with no difficulty whatsoever, and then all of a sudden, I just hit a brick wall.
    Trust me when I tell you I was on the verge of sending you a message saying Help (because you had offered to help if I needed it), but I went and did a Google search, and lo and behold, there you were actually demonstrating the stitch on YouTube!!!
    I just had to reach out this morning to tell you how thankful I am for YOUR gift and YOUR experience and YOUR know how, and the fact that it was available to me at 10 o’clock at night on the Internet!
    Thanks to that life line, I have almost finished angles, and I’m all set to begin diamond delight number six in a green color palette. 😊

    A final note, when Debbie received my email, she responded back and told me that it would have been perfectly OK for me to reach out and call her at 10 o’clock at night because I was stopped! I’m telling you, you just can’t get that kind of outstanding service and practical teaching guidance elsewhere. Debbie is the best!

  14. Wendy Akselrod (verified owner)

    This is my first online class with Debbie and have already signed up for another of her online classes. Debbie is an awesome teacher. Her videos and charts are excellent.

  15. Fran (verified owner)

    I loved this design from the first time I saw it! I am currently taking the class which is awesome. This is the 4th Debbie class I have taken, and I have loved each of them. The instructions are beyond wonderful, videos are great, and Zoom class answers all our questions. This is better than a live Seminar class! Recommend this class for experienced stitcher.

  16. Sally Barton

    I took this class several years ago and used my own colours, green and Yellow. It is one of my favourite designs

  17. Karen Carson

    This is the 3rd class I’ve taken from Debbie. These classes are the best for learning new stitches while creating a beautiful piece of art. The directions are very detailed and thorough. Debbie is great at answering your questions and helping you be successful. You won’t be disappointed when you take her classes.

  18. Linda B (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this class and looked forward to each week online. Debbie is a great teacher and her directions and charts are easy to follow. I learned a lot. I would highly recommend taking one of her classes.

  19. Karol (verified owner)

    One of the best online classes I have taken! With the chart diagrams and videos of stitches it was an excellent way to learn unfamiliar stitches. The Zoom sessions gave us a chance to ask questions directly to the designer. Thanks Deb.

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