Garden of Silken Delights

Garden of Silken Delights


Garden of Silken Delights

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Stitch a beautiful garden with luscious Treenway Silks! Garden of Silken Delights features a formal garden layout, with a center Jessica, Rhodes squares, waffle stitches, Byzantine, Milanese, trellis and other stitches. None of the stitches are too complex, but form interesting textures and patterns.

Treenway Silks in 3 weights were used in the project: Tranquility, Serenity and Zen Shin. Threadpacks are available from Treenway Silks, Treenway Silks Threadpack Original color way orĀ Treenway Silks Threadpack Autumn Mums

Design size is 144 x 144 on 18 ct. white mono deluxe canvas, about 8″ square; canvas cut size recommended 14″ x 14″ square.


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