Revelry Reflections completed!

Our stitch along is now complete! You can find all of the instructions gathered together in one downloadable chart here:

Revelry Reflections completed chart

The completed instructions include the original color way, turquoise and silver, plus the stitch along color way, Pistachio Nut, named for the overdyed thread. Plus, there’s a place to record your changes if you want to create your own color way or stitch from stash.

We had a glitch in our website server, and lost the final 6 blog posts, covering the diagonal gobelin, scotch stitches, reverse herringbone squares, and eyelets. All of these stitches are covered in the completed instructions. So I apologize for the inconvenience! Believe me, it was not our choice.

But this allows me a chance to call your attention to our Free Charts page! Did you know we have free charts available for all of the previous stitch alongs, plus the free ornaments I send to my email subscribers every year? All of these are available to download, but I ask that you please don’t share with other stitchers – instead direct them to the website so they can download their own! The Free Charts link is at the bottom of the home page, here: Free Charts

To finish Revelry Reflections, I spent some time wandering around the big box craft store looking for an easy way to finish the project. I didn’t want to frame it, but it’s too big to be an ornament. I found this rough wooden easel that seemed to be about the right size, so I took it home (after paying of course!). My initial thought was to paint it, but I decided I liked the color as it was.

Now to the flat finish: Usually when I do a flat finish I have a front and a back, but since the back would not be seen in this case I skipped it. For the front, I trimmed the canvas to about 1″ from the stitching all the way around, then pressed the margins to the back with my iron. I’ve never been too happy with the corners of my flat finishes, so I was trying a new way to see if I could get the corners neater. I mitered and pressed the corners, then trimmed away most of the excess, leaving just a tiny bit to turn under.

Then, I inserted a thin piece of foam core under the pressed margins, and pinned them all the way around into the edge of the foam core. A little bit of the foam core corner was exposed, but I thought it would be covered with the cording so I left it. And I did have much flatter corners, so I was happy about that!

For the cording I made a twisted cord from some of the leftover floss: DMC 959, 842 and 208. I made it pretty heavy to make sure it covered well. Then I glued the cording to the edges, After the glue dried I glued the finished flat project to the easel, and set some weights on it as it dried to make sure I had good contact. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

The original turquoise color way was framed in a white frame with a silver mat. It just barely fit the purchased frame, but it was fine for what I intended.

If you’ve stitched along, please let me know how you finished your project! I’m always looking for interesting and new ways to display finished projects, so I’d love to see your ideas!

Thanks for stitching along – we’ll have another one soon!

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