Reverse sprat’s heads!

Since this is a project of stitches with their reverses, I had to work out the reverse of some stitches on my own – I’ve not seen them in stitch reference books. The reverse sprat’s head is one of those.

For the reverse I used Rainbow Gallery Entice E280 Sandstorm. The original color way uses Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame’ Braid SL170 Blue Fog. I chose the beige thread to serve as a neutral point with the colorful sprat’s heads.

As with the reverse waffle stitch, the last stitches in the regular stitch become the first stitches for the reverse sprat’s head.

The reverse sprat’s head also looks woven, but the look is quite different from the regular sprat’s head.

I anchored with pin stitches, placed where they would be under the reverse sprat’s heads, and stitched with a long enough length to stitch both of the reverse sprat’s on one side. It will take about 28″ to stitch two.

Place the reverse sprat’s heads around the center as shown. I know on the diagram the reverse sprat’s heads look a lot like the sprat’s heads; just remember you’re stitching reverses.

If you like you can turn the canvas to stitch so you’re always stitching the same orientation.

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