Reversing the Triangle Amadeus

In the last post I mentioned that the triangle Amadeus with a vertical and horizontal side, and one diagonal side, was open in the middle. I decided to try to work it out so that a right angle triangle would be closed in the center, and the reverse triangle Amadeus is the result.

I’ve not seen this diagrammed anywhere else, so I’m going to surmise that my diagram is the first! I think it’s great to have many options for shapes when designing – open, closed, right angle, equilateral, straight, diagonal – so I’m pretty pleased that I worked this out.

For this stitch I used Kreinik #8 013 Beige, about 28″ for one. The original color way used Rainbow Gallery Elegance E1044 Deep Aqua.

Instead of beginning with the long stitches on the diagonal edge, this time we’ll begin with the middle stitches.

Here the first stitch is shown in red. This stitch covers 6 diagonal intersections, beginning at the tip of the triangle, and ending in the middle of the diagonal side.

As with the regular triangle Amadeus, stitch alternating sides, until the stitches end in the stitching channels that line up with the tip of the triangle.

The lower center reverse triangle Amadeus shows this first step.

Now the stitches will end in shared holes with the previous stitches. This is somewhat tricky! The stitches are laying over the line where they need to end, so move the threads aside to see clearly.

Instead of stitching all of one remaining side then all of the other, this time continue the alternating side to side.

End off with a pin stitch under the reverse triangle Amadeus, or by weaving into the back of the stitch.

Three of the reverse triangle Amadeus are show completed – what happened to the fourth one?!

Stitch a reverse triangle Amadeus matching the triangle Amadeuses, in the center of each side.

This may be one of the more complicated stitches in this little project, but I like it!

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