A Stunning Design

In Counted Canvaswork

In this course you will Learn:

35 Different Stitches

Starting and stopping techniques

Use of various threads

How to read stitch diagrams

Proper use of laying tool

You will receive:

  • Instruction book 
  • Video stitch demonstrations
  • Zoom sessions.
  • Dedicated online classroom
  • Oppertunity to ask questions

The Finished Piece

Course Overview


What's Included:

145 Page Instruction book with large diagrams detailing every stitch that is in the piece. Plus much more verbiage about the book. With additional large picture and full graph of the design.

More than 15 Stitch Videos demostrations that you can start, stop,  slow down and view as many times as you wish on any device.

Weekly Zoom sessions that will be recorded for later review if you have a conflict with the time.  These sessions also allow for interaction with the other class participants to create a true classroom experience.

Online classroom dedicated to this class where you can post pictures of your progress.  All announcements about the class will be posted in the classroom.

Meet your Instructor

Debbie Rowley

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