118 Days and Counting!


Countdown to Christmas! Do you do that? I seem to be surprised by Christmas every year. I know it’s coming, I always resolve to get ready for it earlier, but then I look up and it’s here. I come from a generation that had an orderly progression of the holidays – we observed Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas, and no one even thought of doing anything about Christmas until Thanksgiving was over. Now it seems that Christmas comes earlier and earlier, and we have to start getting ready earlier and earlier!

If you stitch for Christmas, you know what I mean. If you haven’t started your Christmas stitching yet, you’re behind! Christmas stockings have to be stitched to go to the finisher no later than the end of September if you have any hope of hanging them by the chimney with care on Christmas Eve. Christmas gift stitching – again, must be to the finisher no later than September 30 if you want to have it wrapped in time for Christmas!

But ornaments are different. If you’re going to finish it yourself, you can stitch an ornament at the very last minute, and still be in time. And ornaments are quick to stitch, quick to finish, and easy to give. For years I’ve participated in an ornament exchange with my stitching friends, and treasure the ornaments I’ve received from them. Even though several of them are not my own decorating style, these ornaments receive pride of place on my tree, because they were stitched by friends.

So how late do you wait before you begin your Christmas stitching, ornaments or otherwise? And do you do your own finishing, or send it away? Inquiring minds want to know!

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