OnLine Classes

We offer two types of classes – instructor led and self paced. 

Instructor led classes are conducted for a specified time period, usually 6-8 weeks. Weekly sessions include supplimental material to the printed instructions though a dedicated online classroom and Zoom sessions. The Zoom sessions allow discussion, questions and social interaction with other class members and Debbie, closely matching the experience of an in-person class.  The online classroom provides a place for sharing photos of your progress, group announcements,  and project resources, including links to video stitch demonstrations.

Self paced classes allow you to work at your own pace without a specified time period. Email support and other resouces are available to help you sucessfully complete the project. Additional self-paced classes are being added as we prepare them. Go to Self Paced Classes.

Instructor Led Classes

Self-Paced Classes

Work at your own pace and order in these class projects.  Resources include: Printed instructions, video stitch demostrations, online guides, and email support

190 - 100


Explore various textures of threads and stitches in a gorgeous counted canvas project! Price varies depending on options ($85 - $220).

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Free Introductory Course

Square 1

 1 hr 45 min

This course will teach you the basics of counted canvas and help you complete your first project.

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