The Mermaid’s Tale

The Mermaid’s Tale

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With a flash of her tail, the mermaid swims away, leaving us to wonder where is she going? What is she doing? Where does she live? How does she spend her time in the depths of the sea? The Mermaid’s Tale is a mystery, and we have only a glimpse to spark our curiosity.

The Mermaid’s Tale begins with an airbrushed canvas, then stitchers will add dividing lines for the different currents in the water. A series of small patterns define the currents, stitched with overdyed threads. The mermaid’s tail is added by the stitcher, who chooses if the mermaid is swimming up, down or to the side. The mermaid’s tail flashes with blue seashell and flat round sequins, and “seaweed” embellishments add touches of color and movement to the project.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to start and stop threads using pin stitches and loop starts, useful for every stitching project
  • Emphasis is on developing a natural stitching rhythm, so you can stitch with more ease and enjoyment
  • Approximately 12 stitch patterns, with additional stitches for the embellishments
  • Learn to “read” a stitch pattern when no numbers or arrows indicate the path to take
  • Make choices that create a unique project
  • Shadow stitching and compensation to smooth transitions from one pattern to the next

The Mermaid’s Tale is about 8″ x 8″ on 18 ct. canvas as shown, with a canvas cut size of 14″ x 14″.

Kit contents:

  • 18 ct. mono deluxe white canvas, airbrushed with several blues to provide depth to the stitching patterns
  • Painter’s Threads in cotton floss, #8 pearl cotton, #4 and #8 metallic braids, single loop rayon, gimp; Painter’s Threads are hand painted or overdyed threads
  • Seashell and flat round sequins in shades of blue
  • Size 22 Tapestry and size 10 beading needles

Our online class includes:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. Central; Zoom sessions are a bonus and not essential for taking the class. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and added to a private showcase for class members only. A special guest will join us to discuss her personalization of The Mermaid’s Tale, to make the project round as if viewed through a porthole!
  • Weekly lessons posted with diagrams in a dedicated classroom
  • The Mermaid’s Tale is being offered in conjunction with The Mermaid’s Treasure for stitchers who would like to stitch both projects

Weekly lessons and Zoom sessions will provide additional information, and face-to-face time allows the opportunity to ask questions. Printed charts and instructions come with your kit.

Important class dates:

  • Registration now through March 24, 2024
  • Class scheduled to begin May 7, 2024 for 4 sessions
  • Class scheduled to conclude May 28, 2024

Supplies will be ordered at the conclusion of registration, shipping of kits estimated to be after April 15, 2024. If we experience delays in receiving supplies we will delay the start of class.

Options for The Mermaid’s Tale:

  • Full kit – includes airbrushed canvas, all threads, needles, sequins, instructions book; access to Zoom sessions, class participation; all class fees and postage – $265 (anticipated shipping after April 15, 2024)
  • Chart with airbrushed canvas – includes airbrushed canvas, instruction book; access to Zoom sessions, class participation; all class fees and postage – $115 (will ship as we are able to prepare the canvas; you may add a sequin package if you like)
  • Chart only – includes instruction book; access to Zoom sessions, class participation; all class fees and postage – $90 (will ship immediately; instruction will be given for painting your own canvas, and you may add a sequin package if you like)
  • Audit – for those who have previously taken The Mermaid’s Tale in another venue/online, nothing will be mailed; includes access to Zoom sessions, class participation – $55

If you have additional questions about The Mermaid’s Tale email 

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The Mermaid's Tale

Full Kit $265, Chart with Canvas $115, Chart Only $90, Audit $55, Sequin package $5


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