Tapestry Tastings

Tapestry Tastings

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Embark on a captivating journey with Tapestry Tastings, where artistry meets needlework. This exquisite design is a harmonious tapestry divided into 16 squares, each the same size and shape. Discover a mesmerizing array of motifs and patterns in counted canvas work!

What will you learn?

  • The best ways to anchor threads, both beginning and ending, using pin stitches and loop starts, useful in any stitching project
  • Emphasis is on the stitch structure, allowing you to stitch more quickly, with greater ease and enjoyment
  • We learn from each other – lots of interaction with Debbie and other class members!

Within this project, 8 squares showcase motif stitches and 8 squares feature large patterns. From the waffle stitch to the  Milanese pinwheel, swirling Jessica, elegant 8-pointed star, layered crescents,  walneto,  reverse herringbone square, and double fan doubled stitch—each stitch stands alone, but in combination create an intriguing design. These motifs are surrounded by border stitches of various sizes and shapes, adding an elegant touch to the overall design.

Create your own personal plaid, and discover the interwoven elegance of woven ribbons, Sutherland,  4-way Bargello, rosemary variation, battlement couching,  bargello swirls, and a point russe variation.

Kit contents (varies by color way):

  • 18 ct. mono deluxe Antique Blue, White or Pewter canvas with taped edges, cut 14″ x 14″
  • All threads, including DMC #8 Pearl Cotton and Floss; Presencia #8 Pearl Cotton and Floss; Kreinik #8 Braids; Rainbow Gallery FyreWerks, Neon Rays, Neon Rays Plus, Silk Lame’ Braid; ThreadworX #5 Pearl and Floss (kit contents depend on selected color way)
  • Size 22 and 18 tapestry needles

Students will need 2 pairs of 14″ stretcher bars, tacks or staples, usual stitching supplies and laying tool.

Choose from a range of color options, including grayscale with a striking red accent, monochromatic blue topaz, bold rainbow, or pastel rainbow. The canvas colors are thoughtfully selected to complement your thread choices flawlessly.

Unleash your creativity and embark on an extraordinary journey of stitchwork with Tapestry Tastings. Let the rich tapestry of colors, motifs, and patterns inspire your needlework artistry. Each stitch brings this masterpiece to life, unveiling a world of beauty and imagination, in small bites that speed the project along.

Our online class includes:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. US Central time zone; Zoom sessions (although not required to complete the project) allow us to collaborate as if we were face to face!  All Zoom sessions will be recorded and added to a private showcase for class members only.
  • Weekly lessons posted with diagrams
  • Video stitch demonstrations, about 28 videos!

Weekly lessons and Zoom sessions will provide additional information, and face-to-face time allows the opportunity to ask questions. Printed charts and instructions come with your kit.

Indulge in Tapestry Tastings and savor the art of counted canvas stitches, learning stitches you can use again and again for future projects!

Important dates for Tapestry Tastings:

  • Registration open now through August 16, 2023
  • Class begins October 10, 2023
  • Chart with Canvas and Chart Only orders ship immediately; complete kits ship around first week of October

Please add only the class to your cart at this time, if ordering a complete kit. If you want to order additional charts/kits/products from DebBee’s Designs, please place a separate order so we can ship those things immediately.

If you have additional questions about Tapestry Taisting email debbie@debbeesdesigns.com. If you have questions about Shining Needle Society, email kategaunt@aol.com or kategaunt@me.com.


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