Quilt Block 1

Ta Da!

Today I’ll share the final part of the Quilt Block 1 instructions, pictures, and diagrams, plus the final completed chart. Click here for Quilt Block 1 H instructions as a pdf Click Here for the completed Quilt Block 1 chart as a pdf The final area is a lovely pattern called floral cross. It’s stitched […]

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Almost finished!

Click here for Quilt Block 1 G instructions as a pdf We’re almost finished, and today’s areas will give you some options for completion. First, the stitching is criss cross Hungarian, a nice pattern for embellishing. I stitched it with 3 strands of the dark pink Mandarin Floss. I’m pleased with the coverage of 3

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More Pink!

Continuing on with my little project, I’ve added scotch stitches with the pink Mandarin floss, this time using 3 strands. I like the way it’s looking but thought it looked a little plain. So I decided to add some beads. I have a lot of beads, mostly left over from other projects, and had a

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Next steps

I’m continuing on with my little quilt block project, and have added waffle stitches with ribbon. I like using ribbon for waffle stitches, especially Neon Rays. Neon Rays is probably my favorite thread to use, at least for today! I use my mini-flat iron to iron the Neon Rays before I use it, which seems

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