More Pink!

Continuing on with my little project, I’ve added scotch stitches with the pink Mandarin floss, this time using 3 strands.

I like the way it’s looking but thought it looked a little plain. So I decided to add some beads.

I have a lot of beads, mostly left over from other projects, and had a couple of colors that I think will work well. I went ahead and picked out a light pink, even though I want to use a darker contrasting color. I may find a place for the lighter pink later!

Here’s a closer picture of the beads I’m going to use here:

I used a single strand of the light pink Mandarin Floss, and went through each bead twice horizontally. I like the finished look!

I think it’s just the right touch to bring a little contrast and texture to these blocks.

And now for the specifics. I used 3 strands of floss. I think it covers well, not quite as heavy as the Milanese stitches, but still good coverage on the canvas. I anchored with a pin stitch, placed where it would be covered by the stitches. I ended by running the needle through the stitches on the back; there’s enough coverage for the thread to hold.

This scotch stitch is over 3 canvas threads, not four, so pay attention as you start. You’ll have the rhythm of it soon enough.

Here’s the scotch stitch in relation to the waffle stitches and upright cross stitch section. Notice that there are compensating stitches at the edges where it joins the waffle stitches.

Here’s the second block, like the first one:

This is where I added the beads:

If you don’t have any beads the right color, or don’t like beads, you can leave them out. The picture above shows what the area will look like without beads. You also could use a French knot or colonial knot, or a tiny upright cross stitch, in a contrasting color or texture, if that’s what you have or prefer. I think there are probably lots of options!

Here’s a pdf of today’s instructions:

Click here for Quilt Block 1C – pdf

I’ll get more posted in a couple of days. If you’re stitching along, please show me your pictures – I love seeing other colors!

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