Finishing the center diagonal line

The next blocks are repeats of the waffles, upright crosses and Milanese blocks.

This time I decided to stitch the upright crosses first.

I was being lazy and thought stitches the upright crosses first would be easier to count. It was only marginally easier to count, and made stitching with the rayon ribbons harder, so I don’t recommend it. Go ahead and stitch the waffles first, then the upright crosses as before. It may be a little harder to count, but the stitching will be easier and prettier for the waffle stitches with the ribbons.

Here’s the waffles. I used the same color placement and threads as before.

Oh no! Since I was stitching from stash, and only had a partial card to start with of the Neon Rays+, I ran out! And even though I have an extensive stash, and multiple cards of the Neon Rays N14, that partial card of NP14 was the only one I had. So I’ll have to order more to finish, but in the meantime I went ahead with the Milanese block.

This completes the center part of this design, and next we’ll tackle the rest of the design. I think at this point there will be 6 more posts to finish things up, but I may be wrong.

Here are the diagrams. If you need help with stitch by stitch, go back to the previous posts where I covered the waffles, upright crosses and Milanese.

I’m going to try sharing a pdf of the instructions for today, and will go back and add the pdfs to the first posts. There will be a completed pdf of all of the instructions when I’ve finished, so if you want to wait to download until everything is finished that will be fine.

Click here for Quilt Block 1D – pdf

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