Working out from the center

Today we’ll start working out from the center, with a couple of byzantine blocks. These blocks are the same size and pattern, just mirrored on each side of the center.

When I stitched this pattern I used two needles at the same time, one with the dark pink and the other with the light pink, and stitched with them in turn so I could avoid too many counting errors.

I stitch as directed, then bring the needle up where I’ll need it next to park it. This keeps the thread on the back from tangling or getting caught up by the next stitches, then having to unstitch a bunch of stuff before I can go again.

Here I’ve stitched the first parts with each color, and the thread is brought out where I’ll need it next:

If you find it difficult to figure out where to bring the needle out where it’s next needed, an option would be to bring the needle up for the last stitch with that color in the area where you’re working, but don’t complete the stitch. Stitch with the second color, then when you’re ready to begin the next section with the first color, complete the last stitch of the previous section, then stitch the new section. This will still park the thread on top of the canvas, but you may find it easier to manage.

Here’s the completed byzantine section:

I like how the byzantine pattern radiates the eye out from the center; I hope you do too!

Here are the diagrams for today’s step.

If you need a larger diagram, here you go!

This is for the area above the center point:

And the area below the center point:

I’m having fun with this little project and I hope you are too! Here’s a pdf of today’s instructions:

Click here for Quilt Block 1 E pdf

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