And now a little snag

Click here for Quilt Block 1E pdf

I was stitching away on the next section, an area of gobelin stitches with smyrnas, and ran into a problem. For those of you who are “stash diving” you may experience the same problems!

I got the gobelin stitches done with no problem.

Do you see how the color looks different? That’s due to how the light reflects off different angles of the same thread. I used the same color thread for the entire section, but it looks a little different due to the light reflection. I’m happy with the dark color and the number of strands I used. I used 3 strands for this section instead of the 2 strands for the byzantine areas, and I like the coverage much better.

Next I stitched the Smyrnas that go in the spaces, using the original light metallic, Kreinik #8 192, I had thought I wanted.

OK, a little lighter than I thought it would show up, but I went on to the next step. I waited for this part because I wasn’t sure it would be needed. I stitched a slanted stitch with the metallic over the gobelin stitches, using the same light colored metallic.

Better, I liked the overlay, but the more I looked at the light colored metallic the more I didn’t like it.

I stitched the next section, this time with a darker metallic, Kreinik #8 007.

OK, I liked the darker color better, but still not quite right. When I went “stash diving” I had pulled Kreinik #8 007 and #8 007HL. The HL didn’t have the rose-gold cast to it but seemed to be a purer pink. The more I looked at it, the more I didn’t like the 007, and decided to stitch the next section with the 007HL to see if I liked it better. Of course, before I did that I had pulled out the lighter metallic and restitched it with the 007, so now I had 2 sections with the 007.

I stitched the third section with the 007HL, and I liked it better than the 007. Sigh. So I finished stitched the third and fourth sections with the 007HL, then went back and pulled out the 007 so I could restitch with the 007HL. This is before I pulled out the 007, so you can see that the difference is extremely slight, but enough that I wanted to redo it.

The two upper sections are with the 007, the lower right section is with the 007HL.

You know what – I HATE ripping out. Usually when I write instructions and pull threads I don’t make any changes when I actually stitch. This time I did. I like the final product and am glad I took the time to rip out and restitch.

Here are the diagrams for this area.

I hope you’re having fun with this little project. I love to see what you’re doing so be sure to share your stitching with me on this page, on Facebook or Instagram.

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