Almost finished!

Click here for Quilt Block 1 G instructions as a pdf

We’re almost finished, and today’s areas will give you some options for completion.

First, the stitching is criss cross Hungarian, a nice pattern for embellishing. I stitched it with 3 strands of the dark pink Mandarin Floss. I’m pleased with the coverage of 3 strands for diagonal stitches. It provides a nice smooth look.

There are two areas of criss cross Hungarian, and I stitched both of them before deciding how to finish the areas. As you can see, this pattern has empty spaces that are begging for filling!

I decided to fill them with beads. I had some light pink beads, size 11, that produced the contrast and texture I wanted. But if you prefer, fill the spaces with tiny cross stitches, half cross stitches or French knots. When I’m stitching in the empty spaces I prefer to use a contrasting color or texture; for example here I would have used the light pink Kreinik braid, and probably would have done French knots because I can do them quickly.

But I used beads, and I’m happy with the result.

In the picture you can see the finish. And, as you can see, just two more blocks to go!

Here are the diagrams for today.

I found it easiest to work in horizontal rows, and easier to count if I was traveling the same direction as the slant of the stitches. So for the first row, slanted to the left, I traveled from left to right. The second row, slanted right, I traveled from right to left. Note that there are compensating stitches at the edges, and I stitched those with each row.

Here’s where the criss cross Hungarian goes in the grand scheme of things:

The areas share holes with the areas next to them.

After stitching both areas, I applied the beads using a single strand of the light pink floss. When I apply beads, I use a cross stitch: I bring the needle up, pick up the bead, take the needle down for the first leg of the cross stitch, then bring the needle up, go back through the bead and complete the cross stitch. This helps the bead to sit straight on the canvas. You may use a different method if you have one you prefer.

And here’s the completed chart of both areas with beads:

We’ll finish up with the next post. I better get my Neon Rays+ in so I can finish that last waffle!

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