Exciting news – we’re offering Angles through Shining Needle Society!

Some of you have been waiting for this, now is the time! Registration runs through Jan. 31, with classes due to begin April 1. There will be 8 lessons, complete with several video stitch demonstrations that you can access during class and after.

There are several options for participation:

Full Kit – includes canvas, all threads, instructions – $180

Instructions only – just as it says, you’ll get the 175 page instruction book – $92

Instructions with canvas – some of you will want to change threads but still want the pewter canvas – $107

Audit – for those who already have the book and threads, and may have participated in a class elsewhere, but are stalled and need a little encouragement to finish – $40

Some of you will want to change the accent color from red to something you prefer. That’s fine, and I’ll send you a list of the red threads so you can make your own choices. If you opt for the full kit, you’ll still receive the red threads which you can put in your stash for another project. Some of my students have changed the accent to yellow, blue, purple, teal, pink, orange – just about any color will work with the main grayscale color scheme.

If you want to register, shoot me an email with your name, address (for mailing the kit), phone number (in case of incomplete info and I have to call), email address, which option you want, and how you’d like to pay (PayPal, credit card, check). My email address is, and I’m always available to answer questions.

Thanks, and I hope you’ll join us!


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