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edge binder

You may be looking at this and thinking what the heck? This is an edge binder. The needlepoint industry has borrowed this from the blueprint industry, to apply artist’s tape to the edges of canvas. This is not something everyone should have in their home, but for me, it’s nicer to be able to tape the edges of the canvas for my class kits.

You may have seen these at your needlepoint store. A lot of needlepoint stores have tapes specially printed with the name of the shop. I’m not quite there yet! The lowest ordering point for printed tapes is 24, and I don’t think I need that many!

You can tape your own edges with artist’s tape without an edge binder. I’ve done it for single canvases before I got the edge binder. Artist’s tape is a low tack tape, available in a variety of colors and a couple of widths, from art supply stores, hobby stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby), and Amazon. I order from Amazon because it’s easier.

I recommend covering the edge of the canvas in some manner before mounting to stretcher bars and stitching. The tape provides a sturdier edge for mounting, and prevents threads catching on the edges of the canvas. There are a number of solutions – sewing bias tape edging to the canvas, using a cover that covers the edges of the canvas and the tacks, folding the edge under before tacking. Find one that works for you! And if you take a class from me, either face to face where I’ve supplied the materials or a cyber class, your edges will be taped for you!

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