Indie Pop allows each stitcher to create a unique project by selecting the motifs, colors and stitches to suit their personality.

Teaching objectives:

  • Examine the structure of complex stitches so stitches can execute them with ease and confidence
  • Explore several complex and layered stitches with a variety of textures
  • Promote confidence in selecting stitches, motifs and colors

A center motif of Chilly Hollow stitch with composite ribbons provides a framework for individuality. Students will select which border stitches, motif stitches and background stitches they want to use for the project, including the color placement and thread choice.

Motif stitches include double fan doubled, waffle star, 12 pointed star, Jessica with swirl, Milanese pinwheel, walneto, mistake stitch and Amadeus stitches; students will select four of the eight offered.

Border stitches include rice, Rhodes, eyelets, Smyrnas, scotch stitch, bound cross, leviathan, and waffle, or other 4 x 4 stitch of the student’s choosing. Students will select four of the eight included in the instructions and diagrams.

Background stitches include Brighton, double brick, criss cross Hungarian, Hungarian, Oriental, pavilion diamonds, Victorian step and woven ribbons. Students will select four of the eight offered for their project.

Throughout the project, students will select which threads to use for the various stitches, including the number of strands for stranded threads, and which colors to use where.

Students also have the choice colors: Coral/Lavender, shown above; Neutral/Mauve; Autumn or Tropical.

Other stitches used in the project include Chilly Hollow, Greek, laid ribbons and cross stitch.

Duration 3 or 4 day class for intermediate to advanced stitchers
Kit Materials 18 ct. mono deluxe canvas (white, eggshell, or sandstone); DMC cotton floss, rayon floss, and #8 pearl cottons; Caron Collection Watercolours;
Kreinik #4 and #8 braids; Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame' Braids and Neon Rays
Size 8" x 8" on 18 ct canvas, 144 x 144
Student Supplies 2 pairs 14" stretcher bars with tacks or staples; scissors; laying tool; magnification and lighting if needed

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