Like a wine tasting menu, Tapestry Tastings is a sampling of several counted canvas stitches presented in a grid layout.

Teaching objectives:

  • Learn the best starting and stopping methods for various stitches and types of threads
  • Work with several different textures of thread
  • Examine the construction of stitches to promote ease and confidence when stitching

Tapestry Tastings is divided into 16 squares, alternating large motif stitches with large pattern stitches. 


Stitchers have a choice of four color ways: Bold Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow, Grayscale with red accents, or Monochromatic in blue.

Stitches used include waffle, Milanese pinwheel, swirl, 8 pointed star, layered crescents, walneto, reverse herringbone square, double fan doubled, personal plaid, woven ribbons, Sutherland, 4-way Bargello, rosemary variation, battlement couching, Bargello swirls, point russe variation, cross stitch, overlapping oblong cross stitch, ray, diamond Rhodes, half scotch, upright cross, rice, sprat’s head, cross corner scotch, Jessica, triple leviathan, eyelets, layered cross stitch, double herringbone, and smyrna cross.

Duration 4 day class, for advanced stitchers
Kit Materials 18 ct. mono deluxe canvas (white, pewter, French blue or Antique Blue; DMC #8 pearl cotton and cotton flosses; Presencia #8 pearl cotton and cotton flosses;
Kreinik #8 braids; Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays, Silk Lame' Braid, Neon Rays+; ThreadworX #5 pearl and cotton floss
Size 8" x 8" on 18 ct. canvas, 144 x 144
Student Supplies 2 pairs 14" stretcher bars with tacks or staples; scissors, laying tool; magnification and lighting if needed

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