Design update – Glitz & Glamour Silver

Glitz & Glamour Silver
Glitz & Glamour Silver

Next in our design updates is another counted canvas piece, Glitz & Glamour Silver. Can you believer this is #19 in the series?! I’m astounded! I always intended to do the precious metals in addition to precious and semi-precious stones. I did Glitz & Glamour Gold a couple of years ago, and am now thinking about Glitz & Glamour Copper. But I digress – let’s talk about Silver!

My stitch samplers are really popular (Tahiti Triangles, Twinkling Gems), so I though why not use that as a basis for this design. I didn’t want it to be just a grid of stitches, so I altered the arrangment a tad. Each square is 1″ x 1″, and the entire piece is 6″ square. There are 35 different stitches (I repeated one of the stitches in the center). All of the threads are silk and metallic in various shades of silver. It’s really easy to do one or two squares per stitching session. There’s no border stitch between the squares.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to completely change all the colors if you want to stitch it to match something particular, or if there’s a color you really love (or two or three!). ┬áThat’s what I love about the Glitz & Glamour series; because the color palette is monochromatic, it’s easy to change the colors by finding the textures of threads in the color you want to use.

I hope you enjoy the latest Glitz & Glamour!



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