Embracing the new

Recently my husband had to have an emergency pair of glasses made. The only frame that his lenses would fit was a style that was totally different from what he usually wore. And you know what? We both loved the change! It was a style he would never have tried otherwise, but we liked it so much that we ordered his new glasses in a frame style similar to the “emergency” glasses.

So what does that have to do with needlework or DebBee’s Designs? Sometimes we’re forced to try something new, out of our comfort zone, and discover that it’s a good fit. I remember when I first started stitching with other than cotton floss. It was a challenge! I had to learn how to manage the thread, how long a length to stitch with, how to get it to look the way I wanted. And now I’m completely fearless about trying new threads. I haven’t found a thread I haven’t liked! Ditto with new stitches and techniques – I love to take a class in a new technique or learn new stitches. Some I don’t like, some I do, some I love.

How this applies to DebBee’s Designs – we’ll be trying some new things in the next year specifically in regards to our website. We’ve already changed the web hosting, and our site should load faster. We’re going to be trying other new things, which I’ll explain as we have them ready to implement. All of this takes time, and the time has to come from moments that aren’t already devoted to teaching, designing, stitching models, travel, kitting, email – you get the picture!

But we’re embracing the new, and hope we all find that we like it!

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