Fall Is In The Air!


Falling LeavesI live in an area where we have a definite change of seasons. We have a cold winter – well, not as cold as some, and usually only a little snow, but it’s cold enough for a coat sometimes. We have a hot summer – usually, although this summer we missed most of the days over 100 degrees. We have glorious spring with beautiful budding out and flowers – and thunderstorms and tornadoes, can’t forget to mention those. But we also have a wonderful fall, with a nip in the air, blustery winds, and beautiful fall color in changing leaves.

Laurel Park in our town is rimmed with trees that just burst with color in the fall – gold, orange and even scarlet. It’s absolutely glorious! I can drive down just about street in my town and see one tree after another, trying to outdo each other with their display. It’s a needlework designer’s dream – how to capture all this color?

Well, I tried! Falling Leaves is a little project of just leaf stitches, stitched with vibrant fall colors. I’ve seen all of these colors in the fall just in my town – no need to take a fall foliage viewing trip! When I pulled the threads and was showing them to someone, the red-orange was questioned, but we have several trees in our town that explode into just this color – I wish you all could see it!

Falling Leaves is also very quick to stitch. I stitched it in about 3 days, and wrote the instructions at the same time, so I know it can be done in time for your fall decorating. And, the finishing couldn’t be easier. Just pop it into the darling tray from Patches ‘n Planks, or a wooden tray or box from another purveyor, and you’re done!

I chose only DMC cotton flosses, DMC #8 pearl cottons and 1 DMC Color Variations for this project on 18 ct. white canvas, all of which should be readily available at your local needlework shop. This design joins Tricky Treats, Lovey Dovey, Hippity Hoppity, Wave The Flag and Ho! Ho! Ho! in the line up of seasonal and holiday tray designs; you can see those designs on the website.

Enjoy the turn of seasons as summer gives way to fall! Dig out those sweaters and boots, rake the leaves into a pile, and enjoy some time outside before it gets too cold!

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