Last new release, Touch of Spring

Touch of Spring Final

OK, I know this is totally off for this time of year. I designed this way back in the spring but didn’t get to stitch it until June. So I decided to go ahead and release it now rather than wait until spring.

This is another in the tray series, that all fit in the same size tray for easy holiday and seasonal decorating. And like all geometric designs, the colors are very easily changed if you want. And Touch of Spring has a very limited thread list, which makes it even easier to change the colors.

I love these soft green colors, like early spring when we start seeing green after the drabness of winter. I used cotton and rayon floss, #8 pearl cotton and #8 braid, so nothing too out of the ordinary. I also use a DMC variegated thread for the first time, and I liked it, so I’ll probably be using DMC variegateds in more designs as I deem appropriate.

The tray is from Patches n’ Planks, and is available in 3 finishes, oak as shown here, walnut and cherry. These are beautifully made trays, very easy to change the designs for decorating. The tray is deep enough to hold the piece mounted on foamcore, which comes with the tray, and the acrylic to protect the stitching, also included. Dennis Mulhearn, maker of the trays, even includes a little screw driver for the mounting, perfectly easy!

That’s all of my new releases for now, but I do have new pieces in the pipeline, including Winter Blues for the tray series. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it stitched and released before next summer!

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