Met a goal!

I’m ready to cross something off of my New Year’s goals – to get a teaching page added to the website! I now have a page, “Classes”, where you can see all of my teaching projects (so far).

These projects are classes that any shop, guild or group can schedule. They are not available for sale to individuals. As I add teaching projects to my catalogue, I may “retire” some of the projects to be available for sale, but for now, they are classes only.

I do teach with the Shining Needle Society, so even if you aren’t part of a group you may be able to participate in a class. I’ll keep you posted here which classes and when they will be available.

Next step is to add a calendar to the teaching section, so you can see which classes and where, so possibly you can ghost a class or participate face to face is a class is available near you.

This is a goal I’ve had for several years, so I’m pleased to mark this one “done”!

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