More about the cuff bracelets


I had so much fun working on these little cuffs. I think this one may be my favorite!

But first a word about graphing and stitching. As a counted canvas designer, I count threads; on the graphs, that’s the lines on the graph. But since there aren’t any lines or threads on these cuffs, it took me a little time to switch gears to count holes. And that made for a little problem with graphing, since I use needlepoint lines on my graphs.

This design is mostly straight stitches like back stitches, and I hate trying to count from a graph where the stitching line is on a line. So, I had to stitch first, then graph, which is not my usual stitching/designing method. After some trial and error I figured it out.

I used Kreinik #4 braid for the gold lines, and used that same thread to stitch the glass pearls and gold glass seed beads in place. I stitched them as I came to them instead of stitching all the lines first, then the beads. But if it makes more sense when you are stitching to stitch the lines first then the beads, that will work too.

I also love the look of this cuff when finished. To me it looks the most like a cuff bracelet you could buy, and I love the chunky nature of the pearls on the cuff.

Of course, any beads would work, and any thread, I just liked the elegance of the black, gold and pearls.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the others – it may take more than a couple of posts to get it all in!

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