New teaching pieces!

I can now post pictures, since ANG National Seminar 2019 has shown the pictures and I finally have great pictures to share.

Allegro is the 3 day class I’ll be teaching. Design size is 8″ x 8″ on 18 ct. sandstone canvas, and I love the colors in this one! I also love the stitches in this one, and loaded it up with some of my favorite ones – Kitty’s double fan doubled, sprat’s heads, Amadeus, several shapes and sizes of Jessicas, plus some other stitches to round out the design.

Rondo is my 2 day class, and is filled with swirly stitches and beads. Kelly green and royal blue are one of my favorite color combinations, and in fact were the colors for my wedding. I like the touches of yellow here (although you all know I don’t like yellow!). I think it’s an intriguing design and should be lots of fun to stitch, 8″ x 8″ on 18 ct. white canvas.

There are better descriptions at the ANG website, Hope to see some of you in Houston next year!

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