Tahiti Triangles

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Wow! The colors of the tropics pop off the black canvas in this counted canvas design. The project features 36 squares, each filled with a different stitch, plus 2 border stitches, arranged in horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows. The squares alternate smooth patterns and textured patterns, making this a fabulous stitch sampler. If the size seems daunting, stitch just a few of your favorite squares, arranged in horizontal or vertical rows, or a smaller square. The stitch diagrams and instructions are exhaustive!

18 ct. black mono canvas
Caron Collection Watercolours and Waterlilies;
DMC #5 pearl and cotton floss

Finished size about 15 ¾” square
Design size 285 x 285

3 reviews for Tahiti Triangles

  1. Ruth Topp

    I loved stitching this piece and the finished design is even more spectacular than what the picture shows. Each triangle is the same stitch, just done either in the overdyed or a solid color. The difference in the color makes each triangle interesting. Also, the squares alternate between flat stitches and raised stitches. After I finished stitching this, I have found myself just gazing at it.

  2. K Gammon

    Love this pattern. It is a big piece and I am still working on it but the different stitches and thread are just wonderful!

  3. Patricia Krier

    A great project to work on. I enjoyed the color play. Every time I look at this on my wall I find something else that I hadn’t noticed before.

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