Santa’s Tray, another new release

Continuing with my posts about new releases, the next one is Santa’s Tray.

Santa's Tray FinalThis design first appeared in an issue of Needlepoint Now. I’ve released it as a separate chart with expanded stitch diagrams and instructions.

I had fun designing and stitching this one! I used several favorite patterns and stitches.

Flat pattern is at the top of the design. I’ve employed this pattern in several designs, as a single band, horizontally and vertically. The construction of this pattern lends itself to several different textures and filling stitches. Here I’ve stitched it with Rainbow Gallery Splendor and Kreinik metallic braids.

Along the left side is a tumbling blocks pattern, taken from quilting. I used Rainbow Gallery Splendor for this section, and it was challenging to keep all the stitches and colors straight!

Next I stitched a border of waffle stitches, using Caron Collection Waterlilies. I love using a variegated thread for waffle stitches, because most of the thread is on top of the canvas and the color changes are more evident and interesting.

Across the bottom I used two rows of layered cross stitch. I’ve used layered cross stitch in several designs before, and I love it every time for the look of it. It’s simple to do, just big cross stitches offset, but it creates an intriguing pattern.

In the remaining area I used two different crescent stitches, a nautilus crescent and a curved crescent. To provide a place to anchor the crescents I used several small filling stitches – I hate not having a place to anchor! I did use Rainbow Gallery Hi-Lights for one or two of the crescents, but I think DMC Satin Floss twisted with Kreinik Blending Filament would be a good substitute for the Hi-Lights. Silk Lame’ Braid or Entice would also be a good substitute; to maintain the look of the Hi-Lights I would remove some of the strands before stitching, to keep it a little lighter and not quite so bulky.

I put the design in a Sudberry House Small Tray in the red finish. Sudberry Trays come with a piece of glass (or is it acrylic?) to put over the stitching to protect it. I did make one little change – instead of the mat board that comes with the tray, I used foam core to mount the stitching. It’s easier to center on the foam core, but the glass won’t fit if you use foam core. And if you plan to use the tray for more than just decorative purposes, you’ll want to use the glass.

I envision this little tray as a perfect way to serve Santa’s milk and cookies on the big night. If you prefer something a little less wet, it could also be a great way to display your Christmas cards, small ornaments, or other decor.

I hope you enjoy Santa’s Tray!

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