(This is an attempt to recreate one of the missing blog posts!)

The dictionary defines “serendipity” as making desirable discoveries by accident. And I discovered some serendipity in Hippity Hoppity as I was designing it.

Hippity HoppityOf course, I’d much rather you think that everything I design is very carefully thought out and done on purpose, and not by accident. But that wouldn’t be honest! Sometimes I just luck into things, then decide to go with it.

As I was designing Hippity Hoppity, I was planning areas of texture and areas of satin stitch to be next to each for contrast. I got the first few areas designed, then noticed that the first two textured areas looked like basket textures! How wonderful! Especially since Hippity Hoppity was going to be in the seasonal and holiday tray series, to go with Easter and spring colors. So for the next two textured areas, I deliberately looked for stitches that would mimic baskets, specifically those cheap baskets we buy for our children. And I found them! The four highly textured areas in Hippity Hoppity remind me of childhood Easter baskets, and that makes me very happy.

I love it when a plan comes together! Even when I didn’t start out doing it on purpose. Sometimes it’s best to just let it flow!

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