Stash Sale!

Back when I first started out, I kitted most of my designs. Retailers didn’t want to buy kits, unfortunately for me, and I have a bunch of supplies from kitting left over. After several years of the threads and fabrics taking up space, I started organizing my thread room to get rid of things I no longer needed.

I have a big list of threads, most in kitting quantities (big hanks), and some fabrics as well. I also found some Lee’s leather bags, the kind you put a stitched insert in. All are listed along with the prices. Prices don’t include shipping.

Everything is from a non-smoking home. Some of the threads have the hang tag attached, some don’t. But all are very usable.

If you like doing monochromatic designs, you can clean up! And help me “rehome” things that I won’t use, and that you might find great use for!

If you’d like a list, email me at either, or

Thanks in advance!

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