Stitching happily!

I’ve posted before about how much the colors I’m working with affect my ability to motivate myself to stitch. Well, instead of having to motivate myself to stitch with colors I don’t like, I’m now stitching a project with colors I love! And I keep admiring them while I’m stitching, and looking forward to the next motif.

I’ve been designing and stitching a suite of designs based on single Jean Hilton stitches. The first one was Mostly Amadeus.

This is a color scheme I’ve used before, and really enjoy. By the way, all of the designs in this series will be available in ALL of the color ways.

The next one was Mostly Crescents.

This is not the beauty shot we’ll get later, just enough to show. As you can see, this color way is beiges, ecrus and browns. And, I’m showing it horizontally rather than vertically. Someone once told me a good design works in any direction, and hopefully that’s true with this series.

Next I stitched Mostly Jessicas.

This one is at the framers now. I selected a bold color way as well as the grayscale with red, and monochromatic beiges. Not everyone responds to color the same way, and I’m hoping to find something that appeals to everyone.

Now I’m stitching Mostly Walnetos. This is in progress; it will be the same size as the others, 4″ x 12″ on 18 ct. canvas.

I chose a pastel color scheme this time, all pale yellows, blues, pinks and purples, on a dark antique blue canvas. And I’m loving it! Walnetos have always been favorite stitches of mine, and to do a whole project that’s mostly Walnetos is divine.

I’ll post more pictures as I get this one stitched. The last one in the planned series is Fandango – can you guess what will be in that one?

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