Terms of Endearment!

Lovey Dovey
Lovey Dovey


Sweetie pie, honey, sugar, baby, darling – we all have pet names for our dear ones. And with Valentine’s Day coming up fast (what happened to New Year’s Day?), we are releasing Lovey Dovey, the second in our seasonal and holiday color series.

I love the colors associated with some holidays, but not necessarily the imagery, so I began a series to complement other seasonal decorations by picking up the colors. Tricky Treats was the first, with orange, black, purple and green, but no pumpkins, ghosts or witches. Lovey Dovey is the second, all purple, pink, red and white, but no hearts, cupids or flowers.

The design is smallish, only 6″ square, and I collaborated with Patches n’ Planks to make a tray to fit the design. Once you’ve finished stitching the design, just pin or lace it to some foam core, and pop it in the tray – easy peasy, and the tray is ready to hold some conversation hearts, chocolates or other just sit and look pretty.

The stitches are mostly satin stitch patterns, with some layered textured stitches for interest. Lovey Dovey will stitch up pretty fast! The threads are easy to work with, and I hope will be easy to find – DMC #5 pearl cotton, cotton flosses and Satin Floss; Kreinik #8 Braids and 1 Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays Plus, all on 18 ct. white canvas.

And because I know some of you will ask, Lovey Dovey is not a reference to Big Bang Theory when Sheldon was frightened by, then captivated by, a large blue jay. I just liked the way the words sounded together, and thought they captured the essence of Valentine’s Day without being too overt.

I am working on the next in the series, to be released at the Nashville Needlework Market around Valentine’s Day. The third one will be Hippity Hoppity – can you guess why and which colors I’ll be using?

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