Where has Debbie been?


If you’ve been trying to follow my blog, and wondering where in the world has Debbie been, I apologize for the great passage of time between my last post and this one! Over the next few days and weeks I’ll be posting quite a bit to try to catch up on the goings on in DebBee’s Designs, but for now here’s a brief overview:

I’ve been to Ukraine! I’ll have a couple of posts with pictures from my trip, but for now just a couple of words. We went to Ukraine for 10 days at the end of April with a group of 80 people from Arkansas, to sing 8 concerts in Kiev and Zhytomir in West Ukraine. There was cross stitch EVERYWHERE! We met beautiful people, saw beautiful sights, and loved our time there. So much to process after I got home, that I had trouble getting back into work, and have been playing catch up ever since.

I’ve been in East Texas several times. Like many of you, I have parents that need some care. They live independently but need a little help now and then. At the end of May, my mom fell and broke her right wrist and left elbow – major trouble! So the siblings and I mobilized to provide help for daily care until we could get home health aid enlisted. So while I was taking care of my parents, business took a back seat.

I’ve been in Pennsylvania for our annual Needle Arts Mystery Retreat. I’ll share more about that later as well, pictures of our project, how I developed the theme for my part of the project and all the good stuff! Plus some hints about next year, and of course invitations to join us!

And, I’ve been home taking care of grandchildren. My daughter and her husband have been in India on a mission trip, and we took care of our 4 year old Emily and 6 year old Skylar for 2 weeks. Plus we’ve had our granddog Buddy for 6 weeks while they were on other mission trips and youth camps. Those of you with grandchildren and children at home know that setting your own schedule while tending to little ones is not always possible!

Finally, I’m just back from the fall trade show in St. Charles, MO, where we showed 3 new designs. Despite all the travel, and house guests, and upheaval, I managed to get 3 new designs ready for the trade show. I’ll show more of our new designs and of course tell a little more about the designs in future posts. For now enjoy a picture of Radiance, shown at the top of the page.

Be watching for more information later, too much to share in one catch-up post!

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