A Tour of Tapestry Tastings – part 1

Tapestry Tastings Mono

We’ve just announced another new class in partnership with Shining Needle Society, and I’d like to escort you on a tour of this design!

Tapestry Tastings is a tasting sampler of several different canvas stitches, all in easy to stitch bite sized blocks. I’ll show you several in the next few blog posts, starting with this block, probably my personal favorite!

You may have heard of birthday plaids. This block is a personal plaid, and it’s so easy to create your own unique touch in Tapestry Tastings. In fact, all four of the models look a bit different in this block, because each model stitcher designed their own personal plaid.

I’ll walk you through designing your own personal plaid in this project, and it’s easier than you might think. You have the choice of which ratio to use, based on your birthdate, your anniversary, a child’s birthday, a special date – anything with numbers, even lottery numbers if you choose.

Then you get to choose which threads you want to use. Several colors of floss, as in the Pastel and Monochromatic color ways, or the addition of metallic shown in the Grayscale and Bold color ways. Use more metallic if you like a lot of bling!

In our online class, you can also share your photos with the rest of the class, and we can’t wait to see what everyone chooses to do. Even in the same color ways, this area will look different for every stitcher.

So I hope you’ll join us on our journey, and sample some canvas stitches with us!

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