And it’s finished!

Finished SonataOf course, this isn’t the beauty shot that we’ll get when Sonata is framed, but it’s finished!

Back to the Rainbow Gallery Flair – I found a place to use it since I really like it as an interesting texture. I stitched the last stitches, the Rhodes squares in the corners, with Flair.

I normally don’t introduce a new thread at the very end. For economy’s sake I prefer to use threads I’ve already used in the design. I made an exception to my usual economy, though, and added the Flair at the very end. I love the way it looks as Rhodes stitches, so I followed my heart and used it.

The little filling stitches at the corners are Sprat’s heads in two different sizes, stitched with three different threads, and mosaic stitches in alternating rows of cotton floss and Satin Floss.

What a satisfying piece! It stretched me as a designer to come up with the look I wanted to achieve, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. Now to work on a kit price, writing the instructions, and adding it to the proposal circuit!


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