Sonata crescents

I’ve actually finished stitching the project but got a little behind on posting updates. So here’s what happened with the crescents:

crescent in flair

There are crescent pairs in each corner. At first I thought I’d stitch them in Rainbow Gallery Flair. I love crescents stitched in Flair. Anyone familiar with Jean Hilton’s designs has seen Flair crescents.

Flair is a fabulous thread. I love that it adds a little bit of bulk, a little bit of shimmer, and you can’t see the edges of the ribbon after it’s stitched. So when I can, I use Flair if I think it’s appropriate.

Alas, in this case, Flair wasn’t appropriate. I thought it made the crescents appear too fat, and they didn’t match the character of the piece. So I decided to make a change.

crescent in pearl cotton

I like the look of the crescents much better in pearl cotton. It seems to better match some of the other elements in the design, also stitched with pearl cotton. They aren’t as fat or puffy, and you can see the development of the stitches.

I had planned to do a filling stitch for the center of the crescents, and in fact stitched the centers all the way around before I started with the crescents. In Flair, the filling stitches didn’t show, so I ripped them all out. Then I stitched with pearl cotton, and the hole is much more pronounced. But I decided to leave the centers unstitched, allowing the canvas to show through. Plus, I didn’t want to do all the counting again – it was quite the chore!

So with the crescents stitched all the way around, just a little more to go.

crescents progress Sonata

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