Are you ready to begin Regal Autumn?

Thanks for the week’s delay – are you ready to stitch?

Click here for Regal Autumn Instructions Part A

We’ll start stitching with the center motif. The center motif is a Milanese pinwheel, half and quarter eyelets, small scotch stitches and giant scotch stitches. There’s a lot in the instructions for today, but I don’t think the rest of the instructions will be quite as involved.

I love this stitch and really love it with flat ribbons like Neon Rays, so I used two colors of Neon Rays because I love that even more!

In the instructions I detail how to stitch with two needles at the same time. It’s really easier that way, rather than stitching all of one color then all of the next.

Next I put half and quarter eyelets around the Milanese pinwheel, using Rainbow Gallery Panache. I know – another rayon thread, but the shine is really nice and the weight was perfect for this.

Small scotch stitches with the Caron Collection Watercolours surround the Milanese pinwheel and eyelets, and make it into a square – easier to manage as a square.

Finally I finished the center block with giant scotch stitches, using 3 strands of Presencia cotton floss. You can use more or fewer strands if you like, but I thought it was good coverage with 3.

Here are the diagrams for this week. Some of them are in color, hopefully approximating the colors I’m using in the design to perhaps make the stitching just a tad easier, with stitch diagrams in gray so you can see the numbers and arrows better.

Milanese pinwheel
Small scotch
Small scotch around center
Giant scotch
Center motif

Next week we’ll start with the stitches around the center motif, as soon as I work out how to do it!

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    1. Hi Sally, I put the supply list in the blog post on Oct. 5, along with several details in the blog post that day. The design size is 6″ square, and I cut my canvas 12″ square. Hope this helps, Debbie

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